What To Know About Enails

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 3/15/2017 to Information
What if we never had to run out of butane? What if we could adjust the temperature to our exact preference, never burning our product or leaving waste behind? Enails allow us to do these things with complete efficiency and ease of use, providing a more enjoyable dabbing experience.

But, what are enails?

'E-nail' stands for electronic nail, which is a titanium nail that attaches to your banger to provide a consistent temperature to perfectly vaporize concentrates. Enails from our store come with a Dabber Box unit, a heating coil, and a titanium nail. The heating coil will heat up the titanium nail that then transfers the heat to the banger through conduction. The device allows for the desired temperature to be set, and keeps it at that temperature, to provide the most tasty and fresh flavor possible. After everything is plugged in accordingly, the temperature is set, and the nail is attached snugly to your banger, it is ready to use. From this point, you just continue like you would a normal dab--but this time with consistency in heat, better flavor, and easy accessibility to multiple dabs if desired. The consistency in heat will allow for more product to be used since it doesn't cool off the banger, but it also allows for the flavor to be more apparent as the enail fully vaporizes the concentrate instead of boiling or burning the substance.

That may lead you to ask: what temperature is the best temperature?

Well, that's really up to you. Our enails come preset to 710 degrees, but can be adjusted accordingly to what's best for you, your glass, and your concentrate. Typically, these temperatures will be anywhere between 550-750 degrees. The best thing to do is experiment if you want to completely personalize your enail based on your personal preference. Overall, once you find a temperature that's right for you, it should be relatively similar for all of your concentrates/glass. But, leaving it at the preset temperature of 710 degrees is also completely viable!

So, why our enails?

The Dabber Box enails are 100% assembled in our facility, using 3d printing technology to perfectly create our personally designed units. Not only do we have a wide variety of colors and shapes already manufactured, but we also allow the option for the customer to choose their own colors for their enail to just more fully personalize the product. Our enails are extremely durable, which is why we offer a one-year warranty to replace the device if something does end up happening. Dabber Box enails also come with a USB slot installed, so the customer can charge their electronic devices while experiencing a perfect dab! The device can be left on for as long as you need, so the user can come back to their setup without any work for another dab! You never have to buy butane or a new torch again!



Joshua Hoskins
Date: 5/2/2020
I'm getting 4 backwards 3s an whenever I try to do anything set it anything is there a way I can fix this or do I send in it just open it out of box
Date: 7/4/2020 6:30:14 PM
Literally same here haven’t even had mine that long either
Dalton fogle
Date: 7/4/2020
Dalton fogle
Date: 7/4/2020
My enail box shows EEEE and I haven’t really had it long at all. how do I fix It?

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