The NEW Hand-Twist Rosin Press

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 6/21/2018 to Information


Dabber Box is continuously trying to listen to our customer base to provide the absolute best products requested. It's why we upgraded from the original Rosin Press to the Rosin Press 2.0 with interchangeable heating plates; and from the Rosin Press 2.0 we upgradaded to the Electric Press--going from two tons of pressure with the pneumatic press to TEN TONS with the electric. But, with all that power comes the price. And there was one factor that kept getting requested: a VERY affordable, reliable rosin press.

So, of course, we made one.

We are very proud to announce the very first Dabber Box Twister Rosin Press.
This hand-twist press features two 2.25x4.5" independently controlled heating plates and two bolts located at the bottom of themachine to secure it to the surface. The hand-twist crank allows for the consumer to be in complete control over the machine, adjusting the pressure to where it is most comfortable for them.

The Dabber Box Twister Rosin Press is 28 pounds in size, and is 9.5"x9.5"x13.5", making this the most portable machine we have to date. It's pressure all depends on the pressure applied by the consumer and the quality of the product being squished.
Overall, like any rosin press, a variety of components will determine your yield percentage, but with plenty of practice and quality flower the yield is going to be much higher.

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