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Posted by Mario Rocha on 4/4/2019 to Information

Organize You Selection of Glass, Titanium, and Ceramic Accessories with Dabberbox.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a new attachment for your glass pieces, the biggest problem both the buyer and seller seem to face is visual presentation. Dabber box’s Banger, Dabber and 510 Threaded Holders all offer solutions to these problems.

When someone walks into a glass shop to browse the selection that’s available, often times it is difficult being able to see all the available options the shop has to offer. From the shops perspective, this then takes time and energy to have to ensure the customer receives a great shopping experience by taking the time away from other duties to ensure they have access and ability to view the potential product they are looking to buy.

Your time and energy is valuable so by selecting some of the new products Dabber Box is introducing today, this will help eliminate a lot of that organizational stress.


The banger holders are 100% our coolest invention for smoke shops & dispensaries. The banger hanger allows for the bangers to sit upright in our 3D Printed holders creating a more visually appealing experience for your customers, as well as an easier method of organization for the shops. We offer multiple variations, holding anywhere from 1-11 bangers total. 

View More Here- DisplayFullTrayBangerHolder

DABBER Holders:

 Dabber Holder

Our dabber holders are available in a variety of colors and styles to ensure whatever type of dabbers you have to display, you can do so in an organized manner. This allows your shop to display all the dabbers in an upright position to create a stream lined shopping experience which in tune will save you shop time and money.

View More Here- Display Dabber Holder

510 Threaded Holder:

510 Holder

Vaping products have exploded recently in popularity and a lot of shops have been looking for a way to control all those pesky cartridges that can take up a lot of space. The 510 Threaded Holder will ensure you are able to control and display a large number of cartridges at any time.

View More Here-510 Threaded Cartridge Holder 

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