Brand New Enail Release!

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 12/11/2018 to Information
The BRAND NEW Mini Dab Station Enail!

Holding off for a gift for your significant other this holiday season was definitely a good idea, because we JUST released the BRAND NEW MINI DAB STATION ENAIL!


Dabber Box has come together again to try to conjoin functionality and dependability, providing an all-in-one Dab Station in the size of the classic honeycomb enail.
This enail has the availability to have ALL of our colors for the top or bottom of your unit,
allowing for the ultimate personal product that's created by us AND you.

The Mini Dab Station Enail comes with all of your favorite accessories, including:
  • A q tip holder
  • A mini DB trash bin
  • A dabber insert
  • An alcohol jar insert
  • An alcohol jar
  • A titanium XL carb cap/dabber combo
  • A titanium/quartz hybrid 14/18mm nail
  • A kevlar flat coil, and a power cable.
    We will of course include some stickers for you as well, because who doesn't love stickers?
    Basically, you've got everything but the glass, for the cheapest possible price and a great warranty.

    The Dabber Box Mini Dab Station Enail is manufactured by us specifically and carefully for your needs and standards, being put together by our professional technician in our California facility.
    He installs and checks every product, allowing us to ensure a one year warranty on all enails.
    It's all about teamwork here at Dabber Box, so a couple of our people work on our 20+ 3D Printing machines that are continuously printing product for our customers while another two members of the family installs every single piece of the unit.
    It's a process, but we try to get it done within 48 hours for you and shipped off as soon as possible.
    It's all for you, all the time. We hope you appreciate us as much as we appreciate you.
    Merry Christmas!
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    Justin kase
    Date: 2/6/2021
    Just bought an enail and it won't rise in temperature

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