The NEW EZ Filler

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 7/23/2018 to Information
The EZ Filler.

Dabber Box is continuing to try to perfect and simplify all of a smoker's needs.
Our entire goal is to make smoking as easy and safe as possible, and with each creation we come closer to obtaining our goal.

Dabber Box has wanted to find a superior way to roll for the longest time, and we feel like our *new* EZ Filler can officially turn even the worst roller into a pro.

What is the EZ Filler's purpose?
The EZ Filler is meant to help you pack your cone to the fullest possible amount, while also aiding you in your rolling process.

How TRULY easy is it to use the EZ Filler?
The EZ Filler makes life simple, allowing a person to follow a few simple steps to obtain the most perfect joint they've ever done themselves.
To use the EZ Filler, start with a cone or a pre-rolled paper/blunt.
Step 1) Load your EZ Filler in the paper lightly, like a funnel.
Step 2) Use the shovel to fill the cone with your product.
Step 3) Use the opposite side of the shovel (the packer) to pack your product within the cone.
Step 4) Twist the top and light it up.

Is the EZ Filler portable? The EZ filler is incredibly easy, portable, and discreet. It makes any joint or blunt seem like a piece of cake, especially when you're on the road and trying to be done as quickly as possible.
The EZ Filler lets you load up the joint, pack in the product, and put away the device before anyone even has time to ask what it is. Where can I get my EZ Filler?
To get your EZ Filler today, please click here.

The EZ Filler provides a service to every rolling skill level. The EZ Filler can enhance your roll, or just finish up the job for you. You can easily just use the EZ Filler for ANY blunt/joint to provide the tightest, best roll possible.



Michael W Gunnells
Date: 3/4/2021
Is this ez filler for king vones I want one for 1 1/4 cones not king Thx

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