Rosin Tech: Solventless Extraction with Ease by Dabber Box

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Rosin Tech: Solventless Extraction with Ease by Dabber Box

The rosin press technique has been gaining a ton of traction in the cannabis community as of lately and for good reason. Rosin is a solid form of resin that is obtained by adding pressure & heat to vaporize volatile liquid terpenes. Traditionally rosin is produced from pine and is used mainly to treat the bows on violins. However, this technique can be applied in other scenarios, such as creating solvent less extractions from your dried herbs. May are using this new technique for at home concentrates from their medicine.

Hempcon - San Jose 2015

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Hempcon - San Jose 2015
Be sure to stop by the DABBERBOX booth at Hempcon, the weekend of Friday (Sept 18) through Sunday (Sept 20) if you're anywhere near the San Jose area!

Hempcon - San Francisco 2015

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Hempcon - San Francisco 2015
Be sure to stop by the DABBERBOX booth at Hempcon, this weekend from Friday (Aug 21) through Sunday (Aug 23) if you're anywhere near the San Francisco bay area!

710 Iceman Artist of the Month Giveaway!

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Dabber Box is happy to announce our first Artist of the Month Giveaway, featuring our current artist, Iceman (instagram: @mriceman69). Iceman is known for his one of a kind works of art, that are sure to turn heads and raise eyebrows at the sight of one of his pieces in your smoking session. 


1x 14mm Green & Pink Slime Munny Rig w/ 3 hole diffuser 

1x 4" Matching Glass Munn Dabber

How To Enter:

With Three Easy Steps!
1. Share the Artist of the Month Giveaway Flier On Instagram!

3. Tag every repost with #DBxIcemanGiveaway


Good Luck and Happy Dabbing!


Posted by Chris Reynolds on 5/8/2015

Artist of the Month

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Artist of the Month
"Artist of the Month" 

Starting the first of every month, we will introduce a different US boro silicate artist that we collaborate with to bring you a selection of UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND, HAND MADE HEADY GLASS RIGS AND ART monthly

This will be an awesome opportunity for both DabberBox, & the collaboration artists to get involved and touch base with more of our awesome counter-culture community! 
We will constantly be looking for artists to highlight for upcoming months, and we are welcoming to all artist, well-known and up-and-coming artists alike!

Dabber Box Glass Set Newsletter

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Check out this weeks Newsletter from Dabber Box

Whats New With Dabber Box!

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Whats New With Dabber Box!
Whats New With Dabber Box!
Dabber Box kits are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the glass community, These quality, all-in-one, dab stations are the first of their kind that is now taking the guess work out of dabbing and providing multiple options with every box which allows you to test and find the absolute best way for you to consume your concentrates. 

Christmas Sales and Specials

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Christmas Sales and Specials
Christmas Specials:
This year Hivape, DabberBox, and have all teamed up to bring you some killer sales and deals!!! 
              - NOW until December 21st, 2014 we are giving away a Free NEWPORT                                    medium butane torch with the purchase of every DabberBox set!
              - Also now until December 21st, all orders placed prior to that date are                                        guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas. 

The Dabber Box - All In One Dab Station

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The Dabber Box is the new line of glass made just for you, with only you in mind!
These custom, hand packed boxes are filled to the brim with all of the extras! and have all you need to set up a proper dab station from start to finish. The Dabber Box comes in many unique styles and varieties to fit your style and budget.    

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