Whats New With Dabber Box!

Posted by Chris Reynolds on 2/11/2015 to Reviews
Whats New With Dabber Box!
Whats New With Dabber Box!

In our last meeting we explored and discovered what exactly and "Dabber Box" is. 
If you missed that blog check it out here

Dabber Box kits are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the glass community, These quality, all-in-one, dab stations are the first of their kind that is now taking the guess work out of dabbing and providing multiple options with every box which allows you to test and find the absolute best way for you to consume your concentrates. 

Now available in 7 different pricing option and over 15 different styles to choose from, #DabberBox the clear choice when searching for that perfect dab rig for the perfect price with an ever growing and always expanding catalog 

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New Dabber Box Options!:

Where To Purchase? 
Dabber Boxes are available through www.ShopAtWawa.com 

Website: http://bit.ly/DabberBox 
Mobile Site: http://bit.ly/DabberBoxMobile

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