Ultraviolet (UV) Glass

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 12/8/2017 to Information

Originally, people used glassware in their kitchens for dishes and as vases for pieces of art.
These glass pieces would ocassionally contain pieces of uranium, causing them to glow slightly even within natural light. The phosphors within the glass convert UV radiation into visible glass. Although these pieces were highly regarded during the old times, it wasn't until more recently that humans began smoking out of their glass products, creating a whole new revolution of heady glass. Over the years, glassblowers have perfected this form of glass blowing to make some of the most desirable products of our time.

Pieces that contain uranium within the glass, or are applied with UV-reactive material, are considered "Illuminati."
The glass contains bits of uranium; the uranium has a ton of bouncing energy, which excites the electrons and cause a fluorescent glow.
There are currently three colors of Illuminati glass: Blu-V (blue), Lucy (pink), and Illuminati (green).

UV stands for "ultraviolet." Ulraviolent light is considered electromagnetic radiation which excites the electrons within the glass. When UV light is applied to a piece with uranium, it glows a bright color that displays a unique touch to your dabbing setup. All you need is some type of blacklight to watch your product glow.

Dabber Box currently offers multiple items for UV glass, including carb caps, dabbers, and dab rigs. The more Illuminati pieces we receive, the more we want.

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