The Difference Between Flower and Concentrates

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 7/31/2017 to Information
Shatter, crumble, honeycomb, budder, wax, and oil all describe the consistency or texture of the product you have. In reality, the consistency of the product depends on the type of flower you are extracting the cannabinoids from and which extraction method you use. People prefer concentrate or flower over the other for a variety of reasons, and we hope to explore those reasons the best we can.

5 Differences Between Flower & Concentrate

ONE. Potency (THC levels): Concentrate has a much higher potency than flower. Normally, flower will have a THC potency of about 10-25 percent, while concentrate usually is anywhere between 50-90 percent. This means much less concentrate will affect the consumer much more than flower would.

TWO. Smell: Regular flower smoking methods leave a smell that lingers, especially with good product. The smell is sometimes very prevalent, and can be detected by passerby’s long after smoking has occurred on the person or in the room. Concentrate, however, has an immediate smell that slowly dissipates over fifteen or so minutes. The smell is a lot less intense, because the plant matter is no longer present, and can quickly be hidden or replaced by other scents.

THREE. Inhalation: When smoking cannabis, the THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the substance that gets you high. When smoking regular flower, the consumer is not only inhaling the cannabinoids but the plant matter as well. This can occasionally provide a much more present flavor, but can also be harsher on a person’s lungs because of the unnecessary particles being consumed. Concentrate is usually always filtered through water, as well as being a much more pure substance--depending on which extraction method is used. With C02 and butane extracting methods (or any chemical process) you are going to inhale some of the solvents, as well as have a bit of your concentrate’s taste compromised. Dabber Box usually prefers Rosin Tech (extraction through hot metal plates) because it allows us to obtain the cannabinoids without adding any outside contamination. As long as we squish some high quality flower, our rosin will come out incredible—with close to full flavor still intact. This is why we so heavily promote our rosin presses, which allow for interchangeable plate sizes (2x10, 4x6, and 2.25x4.5 inches) to melt your concentrate evenly (depending on whether it is hash, bud, dry sift, etc.) with absolute no chemical additives.

FOUR. Consumption Methods: As the years keep passing, we find new ways to smoke. For a beginner, or someone who hasn’t involved themselves in the community as much, it may seem very intimidating how many different methods there are to smoke. Both concentrate and flower each have a separate array of options, both with their own list of pros and cons on which is better.
Consumption of Flower: Bongs, Paper-Wrapped Bud

This is the most popular way to smoke flower while also filtrating the product through water. People usually prefer this method, sometimes with ice cubes, to obtain a really smooth flavor and ingestion.
Joints, Blunts, Backwoods. Usually this method of smoking is a bit harsher than other methods, but can be better in a group or preferable for a more spread-out smoking sesh. It is also the most simple way to smoke, since you only need papers and bud.
Dabber Box also offers Blunt Bubblers, which is a way to filter the paper-wrapped bud through water before inhalation.
Consumption of Concentrates: Dab Rig, Vape Pens

Dab Rigs are the most efficient way to smoke concentrates. But, the thickness, the make/body, and the function of the glass all affect the quality the consumer is going to receive from their product. We try to respect glass blowers by buying our art locally, but also offer really great glass specially picked to offer phenomenal function and unique characteristics at an affordable cost.

Vape pens are perfect for a person who smokes on the go, but unfortunately doesn’t melt the concentrate as efficiently to obtain the full amount of THC or flavor from the product.

FIVE. Methods of heating: Flower definitely is easier to ignite, as all you need is a simple lighter. You can even light a bowl with a match if it’s all that is available. Concentrate involves needing a dab rig, which needs a torch or an e-nail. Torches are definitely a cheaper upfront cost, but with e-nails you never need any refills and can have continuous dabs without having to torch every time.
Recommended torch: Blazer Big Buddy Torch
Recommended E-Nail: 3D Printed Castle

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