The Dabber Box - All In One Dab Station

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What Is The "Dabber Box"? 

The Dabber Box is the new line of glass made just for you, with only you in mind!
These custom, hand packed boxes are filled to the brim with ALL of the extras! and have everything you need to set up a proper dab station from start to finish.

How Much Does The Dabber Box Cost?

The Dabber Box comes in many unique styles and varieties to fit your style and budget. When we say these Dabber Box sets were made with you in mind, WE MEAN IT! with these fully stacked packages starting at only 69$! We have something sure to fit your price range!

What's Inside?

The Dabber Box was created in an effort to answer the age old question 

"What do I need to start dabbing?" Well, we found the perfect answer! 

With every package we have pared the right accessories to best suit the individual piece, pairing the very best and latest in dabbing essentials to bring you, start to finish, all you need to began dabbing.

The Break Down

Inside of each box you will receive the following:

Dabber Box Dab Rig:
          - Each dabber box sports a quality glass rig that is sure to impress, Pieces vary                depending on price and individual style choosen from our selection of great                  Dabber Boxes.

Non-Stick Silicone Mat:
          - The Non-Stick Silicone Mat offers you a heat resistant surface that will                          let you to get all of you concentrates every time without the hassle of ripping                parchment paper or getting sticky wax all over your counter tops!

Non-Stick Silicone Jar:
           - Ever lose your wax because its stuck all over the sides of your container?!?!,                Well the Non-Stick Silicone gives you a small pocket size heat resistant                        container that will allow you to transport your wax without worries or it                        getting to sticky and lets you easily get you product without issues.

Titanium Nail: 
           - Only 100% medical grade titanium nails are used inside of the Dabber Box                  sets, offering you the ability to rapidly heat and cool for quick execution and                transportation!  
Quartz Nail:
          - Yes, Thats Right!
             Each Dabber Box comes with a Titanium nail, however it also comes with a                100% all quartz nail! 
             "Why?" you may ask.... BECAUSE WE CAN! 
             Again, these boxes are made with you and your dabbing needs in mind. 

Where To Purchase? 

Dabber Boxes are available exclusively through


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