The Best Enails On The Market

Posted by on 8/12/2016
The Best Enails On The Market
The Advantages of Dabber Box E-nails Dabber Box carries titanium e-nails for good reason. Titanium allows for the safest possible dabbing that does not generate harmful by-products. Dabber Box e-nails will not change to a funky color or oxidize quickly. Our e-nails also highly functional. Our research and development team inspects the quality of each e-nail to ensure it allows for the proper retaining of heat, air flow and endurance. This way, the e-nail won't create excessive resistance when you take a dab. Dabber Box e-nails hold the perfect amount of heat and disperse it in a symmetrical manner so you get the most out of your concentrate. Invest in a Dabber Box e-nail and you won't have to worry about splattering concentrate during contact. Each of our e-nails is built to last. We respect the fact that you are willing to spend on our e-nails so we go to great lengths to ensure that they can withstand daily use across posterity 3D Printed E-nails Dabber Box specializes in durable and highly unique e-nails. Check out our 3D printed e-nails and you'll relish the magic of the Dabber Box experience. Our 3D printed e-nails are custom tailored for individual customers. The Dabber Box staff hand picks only the highest quality dabbing products for each 3D printed e-nail box. Take a look at some of our 3D printed Dabber Box designs and you'll see why our products are considered a cut above the rest. The 3D Printed Seed of Life e-nail and 3D Printed Mini Castle e-nail are especially popular. Custom Painted E-nails Dabber Box Custom Painted e-nail boxes are chock full of all the necessities you need for a full e-nail dab station. Order your own custom painted e-nail and you'll enjoy dabbing in a highly unique manner. Select from all different colors, body types and prices and you'll soon enjoy the ultimate dabbing experience. Our custom painted e-nail box units can be designed exactly as you desire. Reach out to us for more information about how our staff can custom tailor a painted e-nail for you and your dabbing crew. Classic E-nails Dabber Box also carries slightly more traditional e-nails that we refer to as our “Classic Line”. Classic Dabber Box e-nails range from Cosmic Owl to the Dabberbox of Life, Darth Spacer, Stoney Trooper and the uber-popular Pokemon. Each is affordably priced and can be ordered with e-nail compatible quartz bangers. Every Dabber Box e-nail features an e-nail box unit, a titanium carb cap, a kevlar braided heating coil (16mm), a titanium domeless nail (18/14mm), a rugged power cable, sticker pack, instruction manual and even a one-year warranty.

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