Rosin Tech: Solventless Extraction with Ease by Dabber Box

Posted by Anon on 4/13/2016 to Information
Rosin Tech: Solventless Extraction with Ease by Dabber Box

The rosin press technique has been gaining a ton of traction in the cannabis community as of lately and for good reason. Rosin is a solid form of resin that is obtained by adding pressure & heat to vaporize volatile liquid terpenes. Traditionally rosin is produced from pine and is used mainly to treat the bows on violins. However, this technique can be applied in other scenarios, such as creating solvent less extractions from your dried herbs. Many are using this new technique for at home concentrates from their medicine.

What Is Rosin? A Solventless Extract

Recently the rosin technique has been gaining a lot of traction in the cannabis industry as it is a simple and affordable way to produce a quality product, within seconds. This simple technique separates the resin from the plant material by using heat and pressure. The yields are much similar to other extraction techniques, ranging between 10-15% with flower and even more with dry sift/kief. Yields vary greatly based on the equipment used. The goal is to maintain constant even pressure and a temperature set point during the whole press. The greater the pressure the better the yield. Likewise, for maintaining the temperature and pressure across the whole press.

Rosin Tech & The Future of Cannabis Concentrates

What role will rosin tech play in the future of the cannabis industry? Rosin tech allows anyone to easily create quality solvent less extracts. This presents the potential for patients, as well as at-home connoisseurs to have access to pure clean medicine in a matter of seconds. The process required to create rosin only allows for a limited amount at a time, however with an industrial heat press you can increase the load and overall the yield. This technique is also a great way to process lower grade material into top-shelf full melt. Overall the rosin technique has shown a lot of potential and huge benefits for the consumers getting more bang for their buck. It also guarantees clean and high quality medicine every time!

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