New and Improved Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0

Posted by Christopher Reynolds on 1/10/2017 to Information
New and Improved Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0

Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0



Yes, that's right!!!

Dabber Box is proud to announce the new line of Dabber Box Rosin Presses! Bringing new improvements to the rosin press you have come to know and love with additional upgrades in both design and functionality! 

What's new in the Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0? 

Interchangeable Heating Plates – The rosin press’ heating plates have been completely redesigned! They now come with the option to change out the heating plate, for a larger or smaller size, depending on your pressing needs! With these new plates we have redesigned the base of the press in order to be able to simply unplug the plates from the back of the machine and remove two screws securing the plates to the press, making it easily removable from the custom bracket mounted on the press.

New Heating Plate Sizes - With the Rosin Press 2.0 we now offer three different plate sizes to choose from, with the addition of the 2”x 10” Plate all basis are now covered for any extraction size you may want.

Plate Sizes Available:

·         2.25” x 4”

·         4” x 6”

·         2” x 10”

Throttle Valve-  Also new to the Rosin Press is the addition of a throttle valve. This valve regulates how much air enters your machine so you can control the speed on the actuating press arm, allowing you to further dial in your Dabber Box Rosin Press. 

Once again Dabber Box is bringing you the complete package you need to produce your very own #Rosin. Utilizing the perfect combination of heat and pressure, this machine will press your flower into an instant full flavor extract, offering you the one and only true way of producing solvent-less extracts!

Unit Includes:

  • Dabber Box Rosin Press
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • (1) Year warranty on all Dabber Box Rosin Press


Rosin Machine Specs:

  • Two independently controlled steal heating plates
  • 2 ton pneumatic air press (Air compressor not included)
  • Two button push start
  • Automatic & Customizable timed pressure release feature
  • Weight:120lbs.


Air Compressor is required but not included with purchase. Follow safety instructions provided on sizing your compressor. A Maximum of 150 PSI is needed to operate the DB rosin press 

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