Nails - Titanium Versus Quartz

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 7/18/2017 to Information
E-nails are a relatively simple concept, but every year we learn new ideas relating to the best ways to smoke and thus we improve our accessories as best as we can. Because of this, we offer a variety of e-nail parts to help add to any dabbing station. The nail attachments for the e-nail can change your smoking experience completely.
Generally, nails come in three options: ceramic, titanium, and quartz.
Dabber Box offers titanium and quartz nails because they're regularly preferred over ceramic most often due to the ability to keep them clean easier and melt concentrate more efficiently. Because of this, I will focus on these two preferences during comparison.

Flavor Level:
Good. It's definitely better than a general torch at absorbing the flavor due to the ability to adjust the temperature through the actual e-nail, but unfortunately titanium nails usually are harder to keep clean (compared to quartz) and the metal usually steals some of the flavor. Overall, it's still a great experience; we're just being picky.
Heat Level:
Titanium nails heat up quickly and can be left on for long periods of time with no issues. Be careful when handling the metal, though, as all pieces stay hot for a long duration of time and should be checked for coolness before touching.
Excellent. Titanium nails can last years if handled correctly. You also don't have to worry about stickiness of the resin as the nail will easily melt any amount that may miss.

Flavor Level:
Excellent. Quartz is usually preferred over alternatives because of the glass' ability to melt the concentrate evenly while retaining almost all of the flavor. The quartz nail can also be cleaned much easier with a q-tip with most excess resin being easily removed--providing a cleaner surface for the next dab.
Heat Level:
Quartz is great at heating up efficiently and quickly. As long as the nail is a thick, reliable glass it should maintain heat for long periods of time with no issue. The thicker the nail, the longer heat retention--which ultimately means the consumer can take a larger dab while being able to maintain the desired temperature without the nail being cooled off by the concentrate. Quartz is also better at not transferring the heat to your rig, making for a safer dabbing area.
Durability depends on the type of glass and where you buy your glass. Cheaper pieces may crack or break by being dropped, which obviously isn't a problem with the titanium nails. Good glass attachments (like those from Dabber Box) should last quite a long time without any problems.

Overall, it's up to you to test out different pieces and attachments to find your preference. Our new titanium nail with both titanium and glass dishes offer the ability to have both a quartz or titanium nail, and can be fitted on either female or male rigs. It can also be outfitted easily with a flat coil instead of the regular coil. If you're wanting mobility and ease of options, then it is your best bet.

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