NEW Dabber Box Electric Rosin Press

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 10/1/2017 to Information
Dabber Box has reiterated over and over that we are always attempting to evolve to have the best possible products at the best possible price. Because of this, we have tried to continuously increase our inventory and better the products that we already think are fantastic.

The Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0 was an incredible upgrade to our original press. It came integrated with interchangeable plates, two independently controlled heating plates, and pressed up to two tons of pneumatic pressure. Essentially, it was so perfect that we felt obligated to transition all of our machines to be outfitted with the better rosin tech upgrades--making all of presses 2.0. Unfortunately, all that power in the Rosin Press 2.0 is controlled through a 150 psi air compressor that makes a very loud noise while on and pressing product. Even though the problem wasn't huge, we continuously searched to be better and fix the only problem we could find.

And now, Dabber Box is proud to finally introduce the all new ALL ELECTRIC Rosin Press!
This all electric machine comes with our most popular sized plate, the 4x6. Both of the plates are independently controlled and can press 10 TONS of pressure (5x more than the 2.0), while also simultaneously being easier and more efficient. Instead of needing an air compressor, all you need is power; it makes the set up that much easier to get started. Because of there being no air compressor whatsoever, the machine is essentially silent, making pressing that much more of a relaxing and rewarding activity.

The unit includes the only things you need to set up your squishing station: the press and an instruction manual. Just bring some product in our rosin bags, and you are set. It's that simple. And because we believe in the items we sell, Dabber Box also offers a one year warranty for this press in case you need help with troubleshooting or any other manufacture defects. We got you covered.

When you choose Dabber Box, you become apart of our team. We have experts in our facility that press consistently who are here to answer any and all questions you might have about anything involving any of our rosin presses. We also have knowledge-based videos on our Youtube to help with any basic questions you may have about rosin tech, e-nails, or anything else dab related. We want you to know that we're in this together; while we're searching for the next best thing, we let you fully enjoy the present best thing. So take advantage and press some rosin.

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