Get a customized glass pendant

Posted by on 9/26/2016
Get a customized glass pendant
US custom made pendants in a wide variety of styles, price ranges, and artist creations. Each pendant is made of high-quality glass by top designers. Custom Glass pendants from talented artists such as, Terpy Bird creations, Andy Ray, Empire Glass and Brandon Martin to name a few of the artist’s creations available. Recognizable art in custom glass in the form of medallions, puzzle pieces, vivid turtles, fluted glass, horns, spirals and pokeballs. You are sure to find just the right custom glass pendant to suit you and who you are. The Artists Terpy Bird Creations – Clear concentrate or nectar pendants Andy Ray – beautifully crafted sea turtles in swirls of vivid colors Cajun glass – single circle of color Curse Glass – offers 1 pendant in a honeycomb of shape and color Brandon Martin – a ghostly claw Empire Glass – swirls of color in a drop of glass, pokeballs or a poke flute Signature Glass – horns and shaped swirls of glass in a variety of designs Lilly Glass – rounded glass marble-like drop of swirled colors Harold Cooney – circles of textured glass Zombie Hand Studios – medallion type pendants with honeycomb-textured colored glass. MrXtraCrispy Glass – puzzle pieces in blended colored glass The Dabber box new line of custom glass pendants are designed by the artists to hang around your neck. The pendants come with a rope necklace and a sticker pack. Your pendant is uniquely designed by an artist in the United States. Each custom glass pendant is made of high-quality material. Check out the artists and discover which unique talent speaks to your style. Match an outfit for a special occasion, or find a pendant to wear daily representing your taste and style. Check out Dabber box for this new line of creatively designed custom glass pendants and find a pendant for you or as a special gift. Discover which artist you like best. Each custom glass artist creates a custom design just for a discriminating person to wear. Stand out with your new custom glass pendant. The Dabber box line of custom, us made glass pendants are available along with the many other products for dabbers everywhere.

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