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Flat Heating Coil

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Part Number:ENL-PART-0003
14/18MM Flat Coil.
Flat Coils are perfect to heat the bottom of the nail evenly, distributing the heat to the entire nail.
Works on quartz, titanium, or ceramic nails. Introducing the new Dabber Box 3D Printed T Pattern Spiral Enail!

Dabber Box is constantly trying to move toward the future by bringing ideas of the everyday smoker to reality. Our enail units are not only 100% made in our US facility, but personally packaged by the Dabber Box team with care.
Why the Dabber Box enail?
Dabber Box's enails are completely customized to meet the consumer's needs. We have created our enail to be the most functional, reliable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing compared to any of our competitors. Dabber Box enails offer up to one hundred different color combinations, an assortment of sizes/shapes, and a wide variety of designs to choose from.
We know an enail is an investment, so we want you to start with the best instead of having to constantly upgrade things you already own. Because of this, we try to make sure our enails are outfitted with the best accessories from the start. Each Dabber Box enail is attached with a USB charging station, so you can easily charge your phone, vape pen, or any other electronic while dabbing. We have upgraded to include the kevlar flat heating coil, which also includes the 18mm/14mm quartz and titanium hybrid nail for free. A titanium carb cap/dabber will also be included, which fits perfectly over both the quartz and titanium nails.
Enails are becoming incresingly popular due to the ability to stop using/purchasing butane, the ability to control the temperature of the nail, and thus the ability to also control the melting process of your product--which means no burn or waste, ever. While competitors still sell basic standard enail units, we sell the future.

*due to the nature of 3D printing technology, the processing time will take around 4-5 business days for your enail to be made

Your Dabber Box Enail order will include:

  • Dabber Box 3D Printed Enail Unit*
  • Kevlar Braided Flat Heating Coil
  • 18/14mm Quartz & Titanium Domeless Nail
  • Titanium Carb Cap
  • Heavy Duty Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual

  • (1) Year Warranty on all Dabber Box Enail Units


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