Differences in Rosin Press Technology

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 12/26/2017 to Information

A dab can come in many different forms and is created by several different processes--such as Butane Extraction, Steam Distillate Extraction, or Rosin Tech. Dabs are sometimes referred to as Honeycomb, Wax, Budder, Oil, Clear or Rosin, as they sometimes are similar to honey or wax in look and consistency when they are melted. After heating, the vapors from the dab are inhaled through a dab rig. These concentrates or "dabs" are able to be consumed in a variety of different ways as well, but usually after heating, the vapors from the wax are inhaled through a dab rig.
Out of the many extraction methods available to consumers, the most preferred is rosin tech. This is due to the lack of chemicals in rosin technology that other extraction methods use--such as butane. With rosin technology, there are just two metal plates that warm up to a high temperature in order to melt the products with heat and pressure.The yields are very similar to other extraction techniques, ranging between 10-20% with flower and even more with dry sift/kief. Yields vary greatly based on the equipment used. The goal is to maintain constant, even pressure and a temperature set point during the whole press. The greater the pressure, the better the yield. Likewise for maintaining the temperature and pressure across the whole press.
Dabber Box prefers to focus on Rosin Tech due to the soleventless product it produces. Currently, we offer two different types of rosin presses to choose from that each offer their own benefits and features.

Differences in Dabber Box Rosin Presses

Rosin Press 2.0

Rosin Press 2.0: The Dabber Box Rosin Press 2.0 was a huge addition to the world of rosin technology; offering indepently controlled plates to set the desired temperature on each side of the plates, interchangeable heating plates of multiple sizes, and the ability to control the speed of the pressing arm. The Rosin Press 2.0 was made with you in mind, with easy to start and quick release buttons. This press squishes up to TWO tons and comes with a one year warranty.
Weight: 140 pounds.
Plate Size: Interchangeable.
Ton Capacity: Two.
Needed: 150 PSI air compressor.

Electric Press

Electric Rosin Press: The Dabber Box Electric Press is the BRAND NEW rosin press released by us this year. It is vitrtually silent, needing NO air compressor and running solely on electricity through a regular power outlet. This changed the game of squishing rosin, featuring a 4x6" plate size and a capacity to press up to TEN tons. This press makes things extremely simple, adding an easy to push button start and customizable timed pressure release for the independently controlled heating plates. Overall, this press has it all.
Weight: 215 pounds.
Ton Capacity: Ten.
Plate Size: 4x6.

Each rosin press offers its own indiviual style and benefit; but regardless, will provide all natural, solventless rosin filled with terps.
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