Differences in Quartz Bangers

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 11/3/2017 to Information

Every little thing affects the outcome of your dab: type of rig, function of perc, temperature of dab, potency of product, and of course, the thickness and size of the banger. A bunch of new types of accessories are constantly being added to the smoking world, and bangers are no exception to this evolution of dabs. Dabber Box is here to try to share our knowledge of types of bangers, and how each of these styles benefits your overall dabbing experience.

Differences in Bangers

Thermal Banger

Thermal Banger: Thermal bangers are the most popular choice next to the regular sized bangers. They are double walled with thick glass, offering the best heat retention out of almost any banger you are going to smoke from. The double wall allows for the perfect melt, while also allowing for maximum air flow.
Click To View:14mm Male 90 degrees. 10mm Male 90 degrees. 14mm Male 45 degrees. 14mm Female 45 degrees.

Slit Banger

Slit Styled Banger: The slit styled banger focuses less on heat retention, and focuses mainly on air flow. Slits were created in the bottom portion of the banger to maximize air flow to push the air downward in the banger to melt product evenly along the base of the dish.
Click To View: 14mm Female.14mm Male.

Double Wall X Banger

Double Wall X-Slit Banger:The double-wall X-styled banger is similar to the regular slit styled banger, but focuses on both air flow and heat retention equally. This is essentially the new and improved slit-styled banger. It features X’s instead of small slits, allowing for a more centered air flow. It is double walled in a similar fashion to the thermal banger; meaning the heat retention on this glass is sure to produce the perfect dab.
Click To View: 14mm Female.14mm Male.

Grail Banger

The Grail Style Banger: The grail styled banger is special in the fact that it features slits in the bottom portion of the dish, pushing the air flow down to evenly distribute pressure onto the melting dab. The extra thick bottom allows for heat retention to assure the perfect melt, and making it so every dab is an all around enjoyable experience.
Click To View: 14mm Male.

Dabuccino Banger

Dabuccino Banger: Although not much different than our regular quartz banger, the dabuccino banger was created with a unique style. The dabuccino banger features a much narrower dish than the regular styled banger, looking similar to a cup. This banger is normally paired with our dabuccino carb cap, making for a cute look that resembles a drink while also being functional.
Click To View: 14mm Male.14mm Female.

XXL Banger

Wide/XL/XXXL Bucket Bangers: The specialty of the wide and XL bucket bangers are simple: they can hold and melt a ton of product. The advantage of these buckets is that the product can melt evenly along the bottom base of the dish without creating a puddle. These bangers are made for the seasoned dabber.
Click To View:14mm Male XL.14mm Male 50mm XXL.14mm Male 50mm W/ Three Thermal Bangers. 18mm Male XL.

Trough Style Banger

Trough Style Banger: Although these are only able to be used with a torch, the trough style banger is unique in style and stupendous in melting large amounts of product. The curvature of the trough and the placement of the neck make it so there is no product disappearing within the neck of the banger or the joint of your rig. It also has a wide base, allowing for the product to melt evenly across the base as the air circulated upward and into the neck.
Click To View: 14mm Female. 14mm Male.

Cube Banger

Cube Banger: The cube banger is perfectly styled to help add personal flair to someone’s dab station and rig. With the unique feature of being cubed instead of cylinder, the cube banger is sleek, and designed to fit perfectly with the cube carb cap to evenly distribute the product as it is being melted.
Click To View:14mm Male.

No matter the banger style you choose, Dabber Box is here to ensure the best function and satisfaction from the banger type you decide. And now, with our enails coming pre-stocked with flat coils, different banger types can be an option whether you use a torch or a nail.

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