Dabbing Etiquette: The Rules

Posted by on 8/26/2016 to Information
Lend Assistance to Newbies If someone in your circle is unfamiliar with dabbing, offer some help. Explain how the equipment works so they can get the most out of their dabbing experience and avoid burns. Mind the Dabber Placement Dabbers have the potential to inflict nasty burns and marks on furniture. Do not take a hit until you have asked the host where the dabber should be placed. This way, you will know exactly where to put it so you can dab without reservation. Be Courteous Practicing common courtesy in the context of dabbing means to offer someone in your cipher the first rip. It also means to never reach for the dabber before others. This is a time to share, not a time to be greedy. Otherwise, you'll end up dabbing by yourself. Maintain a Clean Rig If you are willing to share your rig with others, it is important to keep it as clean as possible. If you use another person's rig, do your best to avoid gunking it up. Pay Your Way Don't be a freeloader. If you have money on-hand, pay for your share of concentrate. Even if you aren't asked to chip in, doing so is proper dabbing etiquette. Come Prepared Be sure to bring everything you could possibly need to your dabbing session. This way, you can get the party started without any worries. Top up your butane torch. Pack wipes, paper towels and everything else you need for the perfect dabbing experience. Less is More Too many newbie dabbers are wasteful. When in doubt, go easy on the concentrate so you can inhale it with ease. Loading up a gigantic dab is a waste in every sense of the word. A massive dab might even induce a nasty coughing fit. Keep in mind that the economic law of diminishing marginal returns applies to dabbing as it does most everything else. The first rip will be euphoric. If you take subsequent pulls immediately after your first inhale, they won't provide nearly the same impact. Respect Others' Dabbing Equipment If you are dabbing with another person's rig, respect it along with the rest of his equipment. If he is willing to let you use his piece, be thankful and handle it with care. Also, do not reach for another person's rig or other dabbing equipment unless they have provided permission. Be Mindful of Hot Nails Handle hot nails with great care. Do not move a hot nail toward another's vicinity or touch it with your fingers. The nail will remain hot for a few minutes at a minimum. The last thing you want is to suffer a burn or burn another when you should be enjoying your dab-induced euphoria.

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