Dabber Box 3 - 14mm - Clear Tip Baby Bottle Rig 8"

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Dabber Box 3 - 14mm - Clear Tip Baby Bottle Rig 8" 
(mat and jar color may vary)

The Dabber Box is the new line of glass made just for you, with only you in mind!
These custom, hand packed boxes are filled to the brim with all of the extras! and have all you need to set up a proper dab station from start to finish. The Dabber Box comes in many unique styles and varieties to fit your style and budget.    

The Dabber Box Includes:
1x 14mm - Clear Tip Baby Bottle Rig 8""
1x Non-Stick Silicone Mat
1x Non-Stick Silicone Jar Container
1x 14mm Titanium Nail 
1x 14/18mm Ceramic Domeless Nail
1x 14/18mm Ceramic Carb Cap
1x Dabber Tool
1x 14/14mm Drop Down

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