Dabber Box and 3D Printing Technology

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 8/29/2017 to Information

Dabber Box has more smoking products now than we ever have before. With the creativity and ideas of our team, we have flourished beyond belief--allowing us to bring in a large variety of new items and accessories to try and keep our customers happy as often as we can. The more we grow, the more we are able to expand. Over the past few years we have been able to invest in unique smoking accessories, rosin tech, and 3D Printing Technologies. In our main facility, we have set up an array of permanent 3D Printing machines that we keep running during most hours in order to fulfill the needs of customers while keeping the product we can control USA made.

What is 3D Printing Technology?
Essentially, it is a new modern technology that allows us to make a physical object from a digital render that we make on the computer. It cuts our ideas into thousands of little strips, and slowly prints our creations using reliable and sturdy PLA material layer by layer, bottom to top. It’s up to us to find a way to make those creations functional and unique. Dabber Box is so different than other companies because with the products made using this technology we are able to think of an invention one day, draw it up the next, and have it printed the following day. It makes trying out new concepts easy, while also being able to test the boundaries on strange ideas we may not have been able to if we built the same concepts overseas. Because of this, we are able to offer up to 100 different color options and tons of different styles. As discussed in previous blogs, we are even able to take other companies’ logos and create products with their logos displayed. With the 3D Printing machines, we are bringing ideas to life to make not only our lives easier but yours as well.

Dabber Box 3D Printed Creations
NEW 3D PRINTED DAB STATION: Our new new dab stations are our latest design, and one everyone at Dabber Box now uses to keep their dab station in one easy-to-reach spot that can be kept clean effortlessly. Our dab station features two dabber inserts for you to rest your slim quartz or titanium dabbers inside. Our third dabber rest station allows an area for a thicker dabber, like a pencil or dabber/carb cap combo. The back of the tray has an empty hole, where a Dabber Box exclusive dumpster clicks into perfectly. The dumpster is the perfect accessory to make sure your qtips end up in the trash without searching for a can. The center of the tray is attached with a Dabber Box hexagon Q-tip holder, made specifically to store an excess amount of q-tips to always keep your bangers and glass clean. The front of the tray has two raised spherical insertions, one that fits our included glass jar made for alcohol (to keep your glass pristine), and one as a rest for your carb cap. With this creation, keeping your dab station clean is no longer a difficult task.
3D PRINTED ENAILS: Our enails are not only 3D printed in the USA, but they are constructed using durable material and original thought. We have tons of different styles, along with the capability to customize your own design. We have our enails outfitted with USB inserts, dual rig capabilities, and a warranty to last up to one year. We creae a product that we can trust in order for you to be able to as well.
3D PRINTED Q-TIP HOLDERS/DUMPSTERS: We originally created our Dabber Box q-tip holders as a way to keep our q-tips close to our rigs and for our dab station to be more efficient, but we found that eventually our dab station would get littered with used q-tips until somebody would either throw them out or build a tower of dirty q-tips. Because of this, we created our Dabber Box dumpster. Now, we have two creations that help keep our glass clean while also staying organized.

3D Printing Technology is quickly growing throughout the world, and Dabber Box is proud to be one of the first companies offering functional items for the everyday smoker. We strive to be able to be better every year, and we are sure with this technology it is only the beginning,

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