Dabber Box Glow-in-the-Dark LED Dab Station Enail

Posted by Clarissa Bush on 10/12/2017 to Information
The Dabber Box team has come together again to produce an inventive, unique product that's multi-functional and makes your dabbing life even easier than it ever has been before.

Our enails have always been so incredibly functional that the entire team at Dabber Box chooses to use them daily. They make the moments of running out of butane or burning a dab nonexistent. Instead, the heat is equally spread out using our flat coil to reach every portion of the bottom of the banger. Our enails themselves are completely customized to meet our consumer's needs.

Our dab station is one of our absolute favorite creations, providing a complete setup dab station in a compact space. Our Dabber Box dab station comes outfitted to hold three dabbers, one carb cap holder, a q-tip holder, one dumpster to properly dispose of your qtips, and an alcohol jar insert with jar to accurately clean your bangers.

Dabber Box has now conjoined these two favorite products to make the ultimate dabbing station. Our Dab Station is connected perfectly to the classic honeycomb style enail. Built with customization in mind, we offer eleven different colors to choose from for the body of the enail. The top dab station will be glow-in-the-dark, with a dumpster attachment to match the body. Inside the inserts are LED lights to cast a perfect glow around your glass and station. The glow-in-the-dark and LED light combo is perfect for dabs in the dark or in low light conditions, making it easy for you to take a dab anywhere and everywhere.

You will be sure to find many uses for this station, as it sets a sleek and modern, discrete setup for your dabbing area. Dabber Box also has the perfect accessories to pair with your dab station enail, offering many accessories that are sure to fit with even the most unique blends of colors. We are hoping that we make your life easier while also making our life easier, and everyone can benefit mutually.

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