A Glass Act For A New Age

Posted by on 7/29/2016
A Glass Act For A New Age
If you are on the prowl for dabbing supplies, Dabberbox.com is your one-stop shopping solution. We have all sorts of glass items that will enhance your dabbing experience. Whether you are looking for a dabber box, a glass pendant, enails or all in one dabbers, we've got it all and then some. The Dabber Box: Your all in one Dab Station If you are new to dabbing or simply do not want to buy all the necessary equipment piece by piece, consider one of our Dabber Box all in one dab stations. They include everything you need for the ultimate dabbing experience. The best part is you'll get a great deal that wont' bust your budget. It's a much more economically efficient solution than buying each individual accessory one by one. Each Dabber Box comes with a dab rig, a non-stick silicone jar, a non-stick silicone mat, a stainless steel dab tool and there's even a sticker pack thrown in for good measure. Pick up a dabber box today and you'll be guaranteed to dab in style. Dabbing in this New Age Requires Custom Enails As a dabber, you probably understand the importance of a high-quality enail. Don't just pick up any old enail and assume it will suffice. This new era is all about custom enail hardware that stands the test of time. Take a look at our enail selection and you'll be amazed at its diversity. We have custom Super Mario dabber box and all sorts of other customized enails. Dabberbox.com even stocks enail compatible glass and enail accessories to boot. Pick up one of our Dabber Box enails and you'll get all sorts of goodies aside from the Dabber Box enail box unit. There's a Kevlar braided heating coil, titanium dome less nail, titanium carb cap and plenty more. Those who are particularly rough on their dabber will absolutely love Dabberbox's uber-tough drop resistant dabbers. Each glass dabber is built to the highest standards of workmanship and accompanied by a free animal head dabber holder along with a sticker pack. This New Age is all About Dabbing in Style Dabbing is one part fun and one part swag. Dabberbox is here to help with your fashion needs with a diverse array of dabber pendants and accessories. We carry creations from all the top artists: Ghost Glass Art, Terpy Bird Customs, Curse Glass, Iceman Glass and beyond. Our pendant selection is unparalleled. Peruse our inventory and you'll find the perfect pendant to match your wardrobe and any occasion where dabbing will be enjoyed.

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