Posted by on 10/10/2016
Safety First  Choose a dab rig that does not require much heating. A dab rig that can be easily lit by a mini torch is safe for starters. Going for a nail dome rig will reduce your chances of being burnt. Better still; go for an e-nail dab rig. Remember, it is better safe than sorry! Functionality If you are planning to be dabbing only in the company of friends, go for dab rigs that take time to heat and one that heats within seconds when you want to unwind from work. Deep dab rigs handle large amounts of dab with the added advantage of producing no mess. Go for this when you are socializing. Do not compromise on flavor. If you are after direct hits with lots of flavor from your dab use smaller rig. For smother hits, go for larger dab rigs.  Portability What portable performance are you looking for? The market spoils you for choice. It is up to you to decide whether you need a tiny little rig or an art -piece dab rig. Take your time to choose a rig that will allow you to get your daily dab amount drive while on the go.  If you are always on the move, get a small sized rig with fewer accessories. With a small sized rig, you will be able to starch it comfortably in your handbag or bag pack. Be mindful of the design of the dab rig. Dab rigs with block like shape are good for home or dab station use while the streamlined and linear dab rigs are ideal to be moved around. Durability A good deal for a durable dab rig does not come cheaply. A durable dab rig is made of good glass quality. Popular brands of glass rigs include chameleon glass, grav lab, pulse glass, purr glass, and hit man glass. Maintenance Select a dab rig that you will find sturdy and easy to clean. Remember to replace accessories as soon as they were out to avoid injury. There is a perfect dab rig for you do not confine your ecstasy. We are here to help you get there.  Choose from our varied dab rigs. We are certain to live-up your expectations. 

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