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Posted by Clarissa Bush on 8/3/2018 to Information
Dabber Box's 3d Printed Accessories

Dabber Box currently has over fifteen 3D Printing machines running at one time in our warehouse located in the United States. We are always bringing our imagination to life with new innovations each of our team members create to make their personal smoking needs easier. That means each product is for real smokers, trying to help individuals around the world combat the negative stigma that comes with smoking. We want everyone to feel comfortable, and everyone to find something that meets their needs.

What is 3D Printing Technology?

3D Printing Technology is a new modern technology that allows us to make a physical object from a digital render that we make on the computer. It cuts our ideas into thousands of little strips, and slowly prints our creations using reliable and sturdy PLA material layer by layer, bottom to top. It’s up to us to find a way to make those creations functional and unique. Dabber Box is so different than other companies because with the products made using this technology we are able to think of an invention one day, draw it up the next, and have it printed the following day. It makes trying out new concepts easy, while also being able to test the boundaries on strange ideas we may not have been able to if we built the same concepts overseas. Because of this, we are able to offer up to 100 different color options and tons of different styles. As discussed in previous blogs, we are even able to take other companies’ logos and create products with their logos displayed. With the 3D Printing machines, we are bringing ideas to life to make not only our lives easier but yours as well.

Dabber Box 3D Printing Creations:


Our enails are not only 3D printed in the USA, but they are constructed using durable material and original thought. We have tons of different styles, along with the capability to customize your own design. We have our enails outfitted with USB inserts, dual rig capabilities, and a warranty to last up to one year. Dabber Box's enails are completely customized to meet the consumer's needs. We have created our enail to be the most functional, reliable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing compared to any of our competitors. Dabber Box enails offer up to one hundred different color combinations, an assortment of sizes/shapes, and a wide variety of designs to choose from.
To view all of Dabber Box enails, click here.


Our dab station provides a complete dabbing setup in one compact space. Our Dabber Box dab station comes outfitted to hold three dabbers, one carb cap holder, a q-tip holder, one dumpster to properly dispose of your qtips, and an alcohol jar insert with jar to accurately clean your bangers. It makes it so every dab is directly near you, it's easy to clean up, and you never forget a component of the dab you need.
Dabber Box has now conjoined two of our favorite products (the enail and the dab station) to make the ultimate smoking area. Our Dab Station is connected perfectly to the classic honeycomb style enail. Built with customization in mind, we offer eleven different colors to choose from for the body of the enail. The top dab station will be glow-in-the-dark, with a dumpster attachment to match the body. Inside the inserts are LED lights to cast a perfect glow around your glass and station. The glow-in-the-dark and LED light combo is perfect for dabs in the dark or in low light conditions, making it easy for you to take a dab anywhere and everywhere. Together, the LED Dab Station Enail provides the best of all worlds.
To view Dabber Box dab station, click here.
To view LED dab station enail, click here.

The q-tip holder is a simple concept, but a brilliant idea. If you have been dabbing for a while, you probably have a routine to your dab. If your anything like us here at Dabber Box, apart of that routine is keeping your glass as clean as possible with each dab. To accomplish this, we use a q-tip after EVERY dab, swabbing the residue completely from the banger. The q-tip holder makes it so you never have to run to the bathroom for more q-tips, as they're ALWAYS right by your smoking area. Use the 3D Printed dumpster to toss the q-tip in their designated area.
To view Dabber Box q-tip holder, click here.
To view dumpster, click here.

The banger holders are 100% our coolest invention for smoke shops/dispensaries. If you have ever laid a brand new banger down on the table, or you buy a few and leave them stored for later use, then this is just as much for you as well. The banger hanger allows perfect organization, allowing for the bangers to sit upright in our 3D Printed holders. We offer multiple varations, holding 1-11 bangers total.
To view banger holders, click here.

The dabber holders are perfect for any regular dabber, as it keeps all your dabbers clean and a perfect area for them to go. Plus, with every new dabber you have a separate insert to put your old one. Your collection will grow endlessly, and each dab will be delivered by a new dabber thanks to our 3D Printed holders.
To view dabber holders, click here.

Each 3D Printed piece of technology is crafted with a ton of thought and time. Every single piece we've created has been done through trial and error, not stopping until we have reached the closest thing to perfection we can achieve. We hope you check out our 3D Printed Inventions on our website here or contact us if you have any other questions.

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