10 essential tips from a hash connoisseur

Posted by on 9/12/2016
10 essential tips from a hash connoisseur
1. Keep a Torch on Hand at all Times Though electronic nails have gone mainstream, torches are still quite useful. They can burn off extra oil from dabbers to facilitate cleaning. Torches can also help remove the stickiness from downstems to boot. 2. Pick up a Dome Display Stand You might find that your oil piece dome is no longer necessary thanks to the increasing popularity of electronic nails. Yet your dome probably has some sweet designs that you would still like to show off to your friends. Use a dome display stand for the perfect showcase. 3. The Important Role of Parchment Paper Stock some parchment paper and it will help you handle those extra sappy oils. This material can handle higher temperatures than wax paper. It is the perfect barrier between your fingers and your dabs. 4. Protect Your Glass With Pads Cork pads and dab pads safeguard your table from scrapes and sticky concentrates. Some dabbers are even going as far as re-purposing old mouse pads to protect the integrity of their tables. 5. Recognize the Power of Electronic Nails Electronic nails permit dabbing with low temperatures. The value of their convenience cannot be overstated. They serve as a stable source of heat that doesn't force you to purchase butane. 6. Recognize the Value of Titanium Screens If you are into full melts, give titanium screens a try. They transmit pressed melts by way of your e-nail, providing you with the ultimate flavor. You can even reuse your titanium screens across posterity. Don't worry about whether they will be the right size. These handy helpers are available in an array of different diameters as well as screen widths. 7. Pick up Some Rig Rag Dab Rags and/or Paper Towels Rig Rag Dab Rags are uber-popular as they allow dabbers to wipe away any excess from the dabber. Though you can use paper towels for this purpose, Rig Rags have a certain cool factor thanks to their special graphic designs. 8. Silicon Table Pads are Quite Helpful Pick up some oil slick pads and your dabber will be able to manage even the stickiest concentrate. These pads are available in several different sizes. You can place them beneath your glass piece or fit them to tubes or rigs. 9. Use a Stand Purchase a dabbing stand and you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Your dabbing stand will help you transmit oils to your e-nails. 10. Have a Supply of Dab Mints On-Hand Once you have enjoyed a couple dabs you will likely experience some “dab breath”. Keep a tin of dab mints close by so you can pop one in to freshen up your mouth.

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